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The Consultants for Business and Development, a story of success. Maximizing returns. Minimizing risk. Untangling the complex web of variables and delivering client-driven solutions. That is what our development services clients want, and that’s what The Consultants for business and development delivers. We work closely with alternatives, negotiate economic incentives, and strategize with clients on how we can structure the best financing and ownership solutions to free up capital, produce higher returns, and reduce risks.
The Consultants for Business and Development was established in the year 1998 by Mr. Ramy Yaghmour with the main focus of developing commercial and industrial projects in the Saudi Arabian market.
Corporate Values
At The Consultants, we believe ethics and values are crucial part and essential factor in any success equation that is why we, and our people, are committed to a doctrine of values and principles that act as a lighthouse to all our steps. We also strive to convey these values all over our environment.
Our core values are:
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Human Cohesiveness
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Enhancing Shareholder Value
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Passion & Initiative
  • Long-Term Success
As your project development partner, The Consultants for Business and Development understands the services and skill sets required to successfully plan. With our comprehensive approach, we underwrite and execute projects with an up-front commitment to a set price and schedule.
No project is too complex. We have a full understanding of our market, our strength and areas of support with expertise in handling the difficult jobs.
The Consultants for Business and Development provides the following professional services:
  • Evaluate different opportunities.
  • Create full project business plan.
  • JV Structuring & Formation
  • Equity Participation.
  • Market evaluation.
  • Select best available options for project execution.
  • Assistance in Business Planning & Audit
  • Support for Procuring tender documents and preparation & participation in the tender.
  • Market study and marketing plans.
  • Special educational programs.
Digital Media Services
Since 1998,The Consultants for Business and Development has helped many companies build brilliant media and advertising activities, here we provide professional digital media services which are designed and customized as per our clients’ needs and their markets nature; here are below some of the services we provide:
  • Strategic Planning & Research
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity development
  • Online & Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Videography
  • Awareness Campaigns

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Our clients are our starting point. They drive everything we do. We work in partnership with our client; they can rely on us to spring into action with spot-on solutions at moments critical to the company's development. Our modest size enables our specialists to work closely together to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your evolving needs.

Traffic Safety Signature Program

Due to high fatality from car accidents in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco requested to develop an advanced awareness program to increase traffic safety awareness. The Consultants developed a school kit program targeted to youth and tackling selected behaviors and competencies. The school and student kit include different materials. The Program was first implemented in Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia in 2013. The Consultants proudly and successfully worked on phase II to extend the program as per the plan and vision set at the beginning.
Project started: July 2011
Project launched: November 2013
Project to be completed: by May 2015

National Industrial Training Institute

Saudi Aramco is setting up a new industrial institute in Saudi Arabia to train high school graduates on selected industrial fields. The Consultants had developed a two years action plan and 5 years marketing plan, in addition of branding and media applications.
Project Launched: June 2013
Duration: 2 Years

Green Gulf

Green Gulf was established in 2010. Its main role is to develop and invest in the value chain of Poly-silicon in Saudi Arabia. The Consultants worked closely with Green Gulf to develop a feasibility study, technical study, market plan, and to support Green Gulf in raising the fund.
As a result of our support; Green Gulf received the land in Royal Commission and will soon start construction of its first plant in Yanbu; Western Province of Saudi Arabia.
Project started: February 2012
Project to be completed: by August 2015

Wasaet Int’l Company

Wasaet Int’l Company requested to develop a feasibility study and to apply for a loan from the Government to establish an optical disc production facility in Saudi Arabia. The Consultants was successful to develop a technical and feasibility study in 2006; and was successful to secure the fund from the government (Saudi Industrial Development Fund).
Project started: December 2006
Project completed: November 2007

Mohammed Aldossary Hospital

Mohamed Aldossary Hospital (MDH) was one of the first hospitals started in Saudi Arabia in the 1950s. MDH realized there is a need to expand in order to compete in a fast developing market. The Consultants provided several services starting in 2010: marketing plan, Organization, internal guidelines and procedures, feasibility study to expand the hospital.
Project started: October 2010
Project completed: March 2012


Al Khobar 31952, P. O. Box 1503
Saudi Arabia.
Office: +966 13 894 7000
Fax: +966 13 894 4784
King Abdulaziz Road, Luqman Building, Office: 11